Covid-19 Update

We are sure that you are feeling uncertain about the developing Covid-19 situation.

Our company values communication transparency and an effortless customer experience. Due to Covid-19 It is not business as usual in the UK and Europe and this page sets out to provide succinct information on how we, as a business and you as a customer may be affected within the context of ordering and receiving your gym and fitness equipment. 

Should you require any further information around a new or existing order, or you simply want more information about us please feel free to make contact in  any of the following ways

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Recent Updates

July 2020 G Series Deliveries 

Deliveries of the G12, G9 and G6 All-in-one trainers will take place as and when stock becomes available. . Nothing has changed in terms of the government guidelines which means that social distancing applies including to drivers. 

What this means is that the large deliveries will be delivered in a similar way to the 2 man deliveries, but with one person.

With the restricted number of drivers available for duty as well as the extended time period for loading and deliveries the time period for delivery is still 10 to 20 days from dispatch. 

Installations can be scheduled any time after your goods have landed in the UK warehouse. These are conducted by a certified Force USA installation team and takes between 3 and 7 hours depending on the machine and package that you have ordered. If you have paid for and booked an installation then you will be contacted by our team to schedule an appointment. Installation cannot be done on the same day as your delivery. There is normally a 7 to 14 day period.

We strongly recommend that you do not finalise your delivery date until you know the available installation dates. Otherwise you will need to store all of your machine parts safely until the installation team can get to you. 

The driver will still unpack the crate and carry the parts of the machine to a room of choice on the ground floor where there is reasonable access. 

Please be considerate to the driver under these very difficult circumstances and create an easy pathway to walk along and place your goods. You will need around 3 to 4 square meters to place the parts. This is about the same area that you will need to install the machine. 

Pre Orders: Estimated Dates and Stock Allocation

Some products are sold on a “Pre Order” basis. This means that we do not have stock in the country now, but that we have a shipment arriving at an estimated date. You will see that the “Buy Now” button has been replaced by a “Pre Order Now” button. Underneath there will be a “Stock” icon which indicates the expected date of that item's dispatch from our warehouse to a customer. Covid delivery times are in place at time of writing meaning 10 to 15 days delivery after dispatch. 

Once you have made a full payment then you are placed on a priority list for the incoming stock. During 2020 and Post Covid world, this will be the new normal. Most stock is sold before touching our shores. You are placed on the stock allocation list in the order of us receiving your payment. 

Although we reserve a unit for you based on the stock list that we have, this is no guarantee that you will be supplied from that container. If stock in the container turns out to be lower than anticipated or ordered (Another normal in a post Covid world), then we reserved the right to cancel your order and refund you in full. 

Refunds take 1 to 2 working days to process and may take another few days to clear in your account if we have revered a credit card or PayPal payment. The delay is not from our side.

April 2020 We are Still Conducting Business and Processing Orders.

All G series machines and benches are now being pre sold from the next two containers coming into the country. Please expect a waiting period of between 6 and 12 weeks for orders. The first container lands on the 26th May and orders will then be subject to the delivery lead time started below. If you don't pay for your order now, you will not be able to purchase when the container arrives. It will be sold out. 

The landscape of e-commerce and of ordering gym equipment has changed for the foreseeable future.

Delivery Lead Time

From date of dispatch, please allow 10 to 20 days for large deliveries for in stock items. Pre order items will have an indication of arrival time in the country. This date is the date on which the goods can be dispatched from our warehouse.

White Glove and 2 Man Delivery

We are still delivering heavy and large Force USA All-In-One machines as and when stock is available. Please check the relevant product page for stock updates.  We are at all times constrained by legislation enforced by government. This can change from time to time. Conditions permitting we will deliver G6, G9 and G12 machines by Premium White Glove Delivery. This means that two people will unpack your delivery at your doorstep and bring the goods into a room of your choice subject to safe and easy access. 

There is a possibility that in the future this will have to be reduced to a one man delivery service. That is one person will unpack your delivery at your doorstep and bring the goods into a room of your choice subject to safe and easy access. If your order is a pre sale, meaning that you have purchased now for a delivery sometime in the future then your envisaged delivery may change. 

Please bear in mind that this service means that a person from outside your household would need to come into your house. You may decide that you don't wish this to happen. In this case the courier will leave your goods at your designated access point. Please advise Alex of any requests and she will do her best to work around your needs. 

Once the goods arrive in the warehouse then the normal delivery period applies, which is 15 to 20 days. 


Currently the installation company is not able to confirm any installation dates. This is understandable under the very uncertain circumstances that we find ourselves. If you would like to pay for installation with your pre order, then you will be placed on the installation waiting list in the order of payment dates. Only pre sales customers who have paid for their orders can get placed on the installation waiting list. The installation company will advise us as soon as they are back on line. There will no doubt be a considerable back log of orders and installations. We ask that you are forgiving over this period as these people will be working night and day to satisfy customers throughout the UK as soon as they can

Pre Orders in Advance are now the “New Normal”

The UK Gym Equipment market has been hit with a massive spike in demand of home gym equipment combined with the scarce availability of high quality gym equipment globally. Contrary to some popular beliefs, good quality gym equipment is not in abundance in china. Force USA sources top factories and adheres to incredibly strict codes of conduct and production standards. This also means that there is a longer waiting period for this quality equipment in the UK as the supply chains recover.

Force USA equipment will still be produced in the same factories with the same impeccable standards of quality. This is what we guarantee.

We also guarantee that we will absorb as much of the prices increases as possible. Discounts will no longer be as significant as they may have been. 

You will also need to pay in advance to secure your order, as all containers will sell out weeks before getting to the UK. This is the new normal.

I am sure that you will agree that ensuring that your home gym kit is reliable, innovative and of the highest quality is more important than simply compromising for a low quality machine that just happens to be available right now.

Shipping Delays

If you have processed an order with us then the normal shipping times of 5 to 7 days does not apply. Current shipping times are between 10 to 20 days. This is unavoidable and our thoughts and prayers are with the drivers and companies who continue to work and deliver orders over this period. Thank you for your understanding. 

Slower Response Time and Increased Demand. 

There has been a drastic increase in the number of both sales and enquiries. We understand that many of our valued customers may be anxious to know about the where and when of their orders. Please be assured that our logistics teams are working around the clock to get your deliveries to you. There will be times when the phone lines may be blocked due to the number of incoming calls. There may also be delays in answering messages on the chat app due to the volumes of enquiries. We apologise sincerely for the inconvenience and frustration caused. We will get back to you so long as you leave a phone number or email address. 

Remote Staff

Our staff will be working remotely from their homes. This will cause minimal disruption. 

Our staff will now be answering the phone and chat app from their home offices, there may be situations where your call or message is not responded to immediately. Please leave your details and we will return your call as soon as we can. 

Slower Response Time and Increased Demand. 

There has been a drastic increase in the number of enquiries and orders. This is another factor which may lead to a delayed response time. 

Availability of Stock

With the increased demand there may be a limitation in supply. The Chinese factories are largely back at work creating new home gyms and gym kit, however there is a large backlog in global orders which need to be satisfied. Regulations permitting, new stock will be landing in the UK in early May 2020. 

All items which are not available right now can be purchased as a pre sale item. If there is a due date for the product, please bear in mind that this is an estimate based on the information that we have. Please take note of any updates which will be reflected here or on the relevant product page. If you don't see an estimated arrival date, then please make contact with us so that we can give you more information.

We would love to offer you some pre sale pricing and deals on items which are on their way back into stock. Why not pop our sales team a message or email us so we can create a special pre sales deal that works for you? 

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